by Nancy Guth from Pexels

Hand signals area unit fun to show and simple for many dogs to grasp. All you wish to induce started together with your dog area unit a couple of kibbles of food. There area unit many ways to show your dog hand signals. Below, you’ll realize one such method:

The first issue with trying and doing is to induce your dog to associate a hand gesture with one in all your command words; see below for tips about; however, you’ll be able to link a selected motion to a selected command. From there, obtaining your dog to react to the hand signal alone could be a matter of repetition.

Let’s assume that your dog is already aware of the association between a verbal command (“sit”) and also the action you would like him to perform (sitting). Succeeding issue for you associate degreed do is to make a replacement association between an unacquainted hand signal and also the verbal command and action that he already is aware of. To induce started, try the verbal command with a hand signal (see below for samples of standard hand signals) once the dog performs the proper action, like a shot, reinforce this behavior with a kibble. You’ll repeat this, again and again, to make sure your dog understands the association.

While still exploitation the food reward, step by step eliminate the verbal command. For a minute, you may use the oral control and hand gesture along 0,5 the time and also the hand gesture alone 0,5 the time.

Once your dog faithfully reacts to the silent hand gesture once you have the food, step by step takes away the piece of food from the equation. Before long, your dog can sit, change posture, or go together with merely a motion of your hand.


Start together with your dog standing before you. Hold a chunk of kibble in your fingers and, beginning together with your hand at your aspect, bring it up slowly, folding your arm as if you were planning to toss one thing over a similar shoulder. Do that gradually, transfer the kibble past your dog’s nose. Say “Sit” at the same time. You’re leading his nose upward as you say sit. Once, he will praise and provides him the kibble.


Start together with your dog sitting before you. Hold a piece of croquettes in your fingers and, with your hand upon the top of your head, lower it, keeping your arm straight until it hangs from your appearance. Do that slowly, transfer the kibble past your dog’s nose as you signal. Say “Down” at a similar time. You’re leading his nose down as you say down. Once he downs, praise and provides him the kibble.