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Most cats misbehave at some purpose or another, however typically, what we tend to confirm to be ‘bad’ behavior will be thanks to a scarcity of understanding of why cats do what they are doing. Their area unit many alternative ways to remedy dangerous behavior in cats; however, it incredibly starts with attempting to perceive your cat higher. Confine mind that a number of the coaching techniques that job for dogs are not continually adequate for cats.

Scratching furnishings

Scratching could be a traditional behavior for your cat that helps her keep her claws in fitness. This means that you cannot extremely blame her for clawing the furnishings unless you have got provided her with an alternate sort of a scratching post. If your cat has already started scratching one thing, cowl the item with plastic, and she or he can communicate the position instead. After you catch your cat scratching furnishings, attempt spurting her with water from a squirt bottle and speech communication “no” during a firm voice. Once she scratches her scratching post, reward her with praise.


Cats might bite once afraid or angry. This makes it particularly vital ne’er to tease your cat, which might be frustrating and threatening. If your cat contains a medical condition, she might bite due to the pain she’s feeling. Regardless of the reason, a cat usually offers warning signs before she eats. If she is hissing, flattens her ears, or emits an occasional growl, it is time to back out.

If your cat isn’t acting out due to Associate in Nursing injury or unhealthiness, it is time for a few coaching. If you’ve been playing-fighting with your cat, stop it encourages aggressive behavior towards you. Let your cat play rough with a toy she will hunt instead. If she nips at you throughout play or hugging, stop and leave. If you make arrangements to pet your cat and her or he rewards your friendship with a bite, slowly take your hand and respect his home. If your cat continues to be aggressive, check with your Dr.


Both males and females spray excretory products to mark their territory, though the behavior is way additional common in males. A technique to deal with this is often to desexualize or neuter your cat. Usually, cats can exhibit this kind of behavior once they feel their territory is vulnerable, like once a brand new cat is introduced to the home. Check with your Dr. regarding potential health issues that will be inflicting this behavior.

Rejecting the Litter Box

If your cat starts to use a locality aside from the litter box as an enclosed lavatory, there area unit ways that to send her behavior. Some cats can refuse to use the litter box if it isn’t up to their cleanliness standards. Take away fecal litter once daily and wash the table every week with gentle soap. Avoid victimization bleach. You’ll conjointly attempt providing further boxes – an honest rule to follow has another litter box than you have got cats. Then ensure the boxes area unit in Associate in a Nursing out-of-the-way spot that may guarantee your cat’s private life.

In case your cat refuses to use the litter box, do not arrange to penalize her, as increasing her stress might build the matter worse. Clean the affected space with a product that uses enzymes to interrupt down the smell and stain. Do not use Associate in Nursing ammonia-based cleaner – it’ll smell like the cat’s excretory product and can encourage her to come to the places it’s applied.

Potentially, an unhealthiness may be behind problems with litter box behavior. Associate in Nursing older cat might not be physically able to climb into the litter box. Attempt switch to a pan that’s shallower than the one you are presently victimization. You will have to was compelled modifying it additional frequently; however, that’s a little trade-off permanently litter box behavior.

If your cat strains to urinate or urinate additional often than traditional, she might have a tract infection. Cats with excretory organs, thyroid, or liver conditions usually manufacture hyperbolic amounts of excretory product. Refusal to use the litter box may be her approach of telling you she does not feel well. Consult your Dr.

Aggression and Fighting

Sometimes, cats might hide and pounce on something that moves, as well as you! Though your cat is just active capturing prey, she might become a fault exuberant, victimization teeth, and claws. The most effective thanks to curbing this behavior are to produce plenty of activity that may enable the cat to focus her energy on applicable objects – like play prey. Ne’er plays sharply along with your cat, and ne’er physically penalizes her for this behavior because it can solely serve to bolster it. Instead, attempt giving your cat toys that area unit interactive: hanging toys your cat will bat or reverberant balls to chase.

Cat-cat aggression might occur in multi-cat homes. It is vital to produce every cat together with her house. Offer one-on-one attention with the cats within their exact favorite resting spot in the house. Separate litter pans and feeding areas may additionally be necessary.

Still, territorial disputes will be familiar – and might become aggressive. If they do, the cats might have to be unbroken in separate rooms with closed doors then slowly reintroduced to every different. When complete separation for many weeks, the door is opened slightly so that the cats will investigate one another. Switch the cats’ rooms many times throughout this era so that every cat will become acclimated to the other’s scent. Switch their bedding and food bowls yet. An ideal toy that’s placed at a lower place the door might facilitate the cats begin to play along. This might have to was compelled to be a prolonged method – offer your cats the time they have to be told to measure along peacefully.