Bryce Canyon National Park

This national park offers breathtaking scenery! Bryce Canyon gathers rocky needles whose red-orange colors are sublimated at sunset. It is an ideal place to hike, with many paths on offer and different levels of difficulty. Once the bag is filled with food and water, you have to head to the most beautiful viewpoints, Bryce Point View or Sunset Point. Among the natural curiosities to see, the Hammer of Thor, which indeed takes the form of a hammer and the differences natural arches. A panorama of the hoodoos of Bruce Canyon National Park intrigues as much as it fascinates.

Los Angeles

The City of Angels owes its reputation around the world to be the city of cinema. It’s hard not to dream once in your life to conquer its main thoroughfares to see the famous Hollywood Sign shine brightly or to set sail on Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame. You’ll also miss Beverly Hills and the must-see Rodeo Drive, home to great luxury boutiques.

Horshoe Bend

Horshoe Bend is located in Arizona, about 6.5 km south of Page. It is a meandering Colorado River and one of the natural sights of the American West not to be missed under any circumstances. Its particularity is to take the form of a horseshoe, hence its name. Once you have reached one of the best viewpoints after a walk, you simply enjoy the spectacle of the cliffs that surround it and change color depending on the time of day. The river, which flows several hundred meters below, also changes color, from blue to green. Horshoe Bend has this power to capture the attention of travelers for a very long time.

Zion National Park

This is one of the national parks in the American West that you don’t necessarily hear the most about, and yet it’s worth a visit. Its specificity is that it reveals itself from the bottom and that it usually takes several hours to discover its wonders. The formation of the rocks and their colors are as impressive as in other large national parks. A hike leads visitors to cross paths where aridity gives way here and there to the presence of vegetation. We are also often forced to cross small rivers on foot, without any danger, to continue the path. By paying attention to the environment, we also pass the route of local wildlife, deer, and other squirrels. Along the walls, climbing enthusiasts have plenty to offer themselves dizzying moments.

Las Vegas

City of excess, of all residues, we take the time to splurge in its casinos during a walk on the Strip, the famous boulevard. Casino hotels, Bellagio, or Caesars Palace, offer different worlds. So we go from a Venetian atmosphere to the terraces of Parisian cafes in just a few meters. Las Vegas is also the perfect city for shopping, and in the evening, join one of the venues to attend a show. Great artists from all over the world regularly pack their bags for successive concerts and musicals delight fans of the genre.

Monument Valley

This inescapable landscape of the American West, where a set of vast sandstone mounds takes place, is world-famous for being the filming ground of many westerns. We are surprised by its geomorphological formations and also by its immense deserts. Different routes to take by car allow you to enjoy sublime panoramas, but those who wish can opt for a horseback ride, one of the most authentic ways to get lost in this magical place. There are also different points of view to reach, such as Elephant Butte and John Ford Point Overlook. A walk can also lead to the traditional homes of the Navajo Indians, always delighted to greet the people passing by, with the highest respect.

San Francisco

Now it’s time for one of the fascinating urban areas in the United States. In San Francisco, we like to stroll through its various neighborhoods, from Chinatown to the inevitable Castro. Numerous places make the reputation of the city around the world. Lombard Street, the world’s windiest road, Fisherman’s Wharf, sea lion den, the imposing Golden Gate Bridge, and the top of the hill on Alamo Square to see the Victorian houses. San Francisco is also a cultural city with the presence of many museums, including MoMA and the Academy of Sciences. And then you don’t leave the city without joining the Twin Peaks, which offers a sublime panorama of the town and its bay.

USA Route 66

A trip to the American West is a unique experience. Between the national parks where some landscapes have remained close to the Wild West era and the large cities where to enjoy various activities, there is so much to discover that a single stay is not enough. For all those who wish to make the first stay in this part of the United States that continues to attract more and more travelers, lovers of nature, or even followers of cities with such unique atmospheres, here are ten places to miss only us recommends Lidl Voyages. If a trip to the American West evokes the gold rush, it is many treasures that await visitors in search of a change of scenery.

Sequoia National Park

It’s hard to feel smaller than when you’re in the heart of Sequoia National Park. It’s simple; it offers all the pleasures of walking in the forest, except that in reality, we are on the territory that is home to the most significant trees on the planet! We take the road that cuts through the peaks and raises our heads as often as possible until we reach a phenomenon of nature: the General Sherman Tree. This 2,200-year-old tree is simply the largest living organism on earth, at 84 meters high and 31 meters in circumference. This beautiful national park is also a place where many animals live, including the unmissable black bear.

The Grand Canyon

U.S. tour with Lidl Voyages. This is not surprising when you know that you are then in a landscape that is part of the closed club of the seven wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon National Park is an open geological museum, a massive fault that was dug by the Colorado River and is now a World Heritage Site. During a hike, do not hesitate to go to the best views, to admire the variation of the landscape and the red-orange colors of the rocks. The Grand Canyon commands respect and admiration, as much as it intrigues.

Arches National Park

Let’s start this Top 10 with a first national park; the Arches park in Utah. This territory of 300 km2 almost offers the feeling of being in a science fiction movie. Erosion has indeed sculpted the rocks, including the more than 2,000 natural arches recorded, which depending on the position of the sun, reveal unique colors. For example, you should not miss the Delicate Arch and its unusual location on the edge of a canyon. The best time to reach the park is in the late afternoon when the sun goes down, the spectacle offered on the arches and landscapes on the horizon is simply magical.