Yogurt is rich in lactic ferments that are able to rebalance the intestinal flora. It is, therefore, appropriate to consume it when one is constipated to help the digestive system regain its regularity. All that remains is to choose between those nature and those with fruit.

Vegetable oils

In the past, grandmothers advised taking a spoonful or two of cod liver oil when you were suffering from constipation. Without necessarily getting there, you can add a generous drizzle of oil in your soups, slow-cooked dishes or salads: its emollient abilities will make your stools less hard.


For the same reason, eat more nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts. These dried fruits are part of the oilseeds and will, therefore, help you to have a more regular transit. You can add a few walnut kernels to your white cheese, for example.

Chewing gums

Many chewing gums contain sorbitol. It is a sweetener that replaces sucrose and, if consumed in high doses, has laxative properties. So you can chew 2 or 3 chewing gum (no more) the day you have trouble going to the toilet.

Whole grains

In addition to soluble plant fibers, there are insoluble plant fibers. These are contained in the skin of fruits and vegetables, in seeds and especially in whole grains. So to find a steady transit, eat bread and whole rice.

Prunes and figs

When it comes to anti-constipation foods, we spontaneously think of prunes. They contain a lot of fiber and, moreover, they are delicious! Figs are also a great ally to wake up your gut: eat fresh figs in summer and eat dried figs in winter.

Lentils and other pulses

Sometimes you tend to avoid eating lentils or dry beans for fear of flatulence. This is a pity because pulses are very rich in soluble vegetable fibers: this type of fiber forms a kind of “freeze” in the intestine that helps to fight (among other things) constipation.


Licorice is a root that has been consumed since ancient times. It has many properties including that of stimulating the intestine. You can eat it as an infusion or take advantage of it to fall back into childhood by eating a roll or two.

Water and beer

If you’re constipated, drink more. This will inflate the insoluble plant fibers (see the previous point) and thus increase the number of contractions of your intestine. Choose water or tea, but once in a while, you can allow yourself a glass of beer as it has a slight laxative effect.